coronis foundation

CORONIS FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Wolfgang G.K. Müller-Lierheim in February of 2017. The Founder also acts as CEO of the Foundation, which focuses exclusively on charitable projects, particularly activities targeting the relief of eye problems.

Our mission includes:

  • the initiation and support of cutting edge research in the field of ocular disease
  • the initiation, organization and support of vocational and post-graduate training in ophthalmology
  • the initiation and organization of conferences on ocular diseases
  • the support of ophthalmological hospitals in developing countries

Project proposals may be submitted by email to mail(at) 

CORONIS FOUNDATION is supported by the Panel for the Advancement of Ophthalmology. This panel sponsors Ophthalmic Fiction Workshops where experts in particular fields of ophthalmology are invited to share their knowledge and experience, and to discuss future directions for the CORONIS FOUNDATION. 

Neither the CEO nor Panel Members receive any remuneration beyond reimbursement of expenses for activities of the Foundation.