CORONIS FOUNDATION is a non-profit, charitable organization.

With support of friends like you CORONIS FOUNDATION has been able to initiate and promote cutting edge research in eye health, organize international symposia on ocular surface disorders, contribute to the advancement of public health, and support adult education and vocational training in ophthalmology.


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Alternatively you may donate by bank transfer to

Bank                         VR Bank, Memmingen, Germany
Account                   97349
IBAN                         DE11 7319 0000 0000 0973 49
Recipient                 CORONIS FOUNDATION


Under German tax legislation CORONIS FOUNDATION (tax ID# 143/235/07350) is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization. The activities of CORONIS FOUNDATION are recognized as exclusively serving public-benefit purposes according to the Fiscal Code of Germany, Third Chapter, Section 52. Donations to CORONIS FOUNDATIONS are, therefore, deductible from taxable income, and CORONIS FOUNDATION is entitled to issue donation receipts for this purpose.