The following are examples of projects supported by CORONIS FOUNDATION.


Research on Corneal Nerves

The clear part of the ocular surface, the cornea, is the window of the eye and the first optical element involved in the quality of vision and visual health. In recent years the essential role of corneal nerves in ocular surface disease has become the focus of intensive research. CORONIS FOUNDATION is supporting this research at the Institute of Neurosciences of the University Miguel Hernández in Alicante, Spain.


Treatment of Corneal Blindness in North Africa

CORONIS FOUNDATION is supporting the establishment of new treatment modalities for corneal-related blindness at the Hôpital Cheikh Zaïd in Rabat, Morocco 

Ophthalmic Fiction Symposium

CORONIS FOUNDATION organizes symposia on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface disease with global access free-of-charge.

Endre A. Balazs Medal

CORONIS FOUNDATION believes that awards play a key role in focusing public awareness on the importance of research on eye diseases and injuries. CORONIS FOUNDATION has since 2017 biennially awarded the Endre A. Balazs Medal for Achievements in Ophthalmology.